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Net proceeds from The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer will benefit The Princess Margaret, a leader in the fight against cancer and the largest institution in Canada exclusively devoted to cancer treatment, research, and education. The funds you raise will support The Princess Margaret’s vision of personalized cancer medicine a multi-faceted, integrated approach to cancer care that focuses on the unique nature of each patient: “Finding the right treatment for the right patient, at the right time.”Leading scientists like Dr. Benjamin Neel, Dr. Neal Fleshner, Dr. Fei-Fei Lui will put your fundraising dollars to immediate use in the conquest of cancer.

Funding will go towards high content clinical trials such as the world class tumor bank, an advanced molecular profiling laboratory, and a drug development program. The Princess Margaret is on the cutting edge of personalized cancer medicine, and is translating new understanding gained in the laboratory into more effective treatments for our patients. This will revolutionize cancer care for all cancer by providing “the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.” The Princess Margaret’s expertise and reputation as one of the world’s top 5 cancer research centres positions us to be leaders in the area of personalized cancer medicine. We are combining our expertise in many areas including cancer stem cells, epigenetics, molecular imaging, pathology, targeted drugs, immunotherapy, image-guided surgery and radiation and psychosocial oncology. Your funds will go towards our doctors and scientists, who are focused on four areas of personalized cancer medicine:

1) Detection Find cancers earlier by discovering the “Achilles Heel” of each tumour. Our scientists believe that every cancer, of which there are over 200 types, has a weakness which may be exploited to kill the cell. At The Princess Margaret, we are applying new imaging technology that allows surgeons and radiation oncologists to see a patient’s tumour more clearly.

2) Diagnostics Analyze tumours more precisely through a full sequencing of the DNA. This includes helping to advance the technology and reduce the cost of genomic analysis.

3) Targeted Treatments Treat cancers more specifically with targeted immunotherapies that activate or re-activate patient’s own immune system to kill tumours. At The Princess Margaret, we are conducting world-leading clinical trials programs and building on the leadership in GTx-Image Guided Surgery and Radiation.

4) Patient and Family Support Enhance patient support and recovery and continue to lead the way in psychosocial oncology and palliative care, nursing, patient education and survivorship programs.

The impact is real at The Princess Margaret. Make yours now and be a part of this history-making event.

For more information about The Princess Margaret, visit www.pmhf.ca.